Crisis Services

The program helps the child’s entire family when their home has been destroyed, or if they have been forced out. During the crisis, CAFH will help by providing shelter and satisfying the physical and emotional needs for the entire family.

Safe House Programs

The safe house is a private home, where the adults have been designated to participate in the program. CAFH carefully screens applicants before selection. Upon selection, the Safe House adults are instructed with which actions to take when their services are needed. Each home in the program has a sign placed in a visible location so that any child in need of lodging will know that the home is safe.

When a child enters the program, the home adult will immediately notify CAFH headquarters. Staff will be sent to the home to assess the situation and counsel the child to contact their parents or guardian. If the child refuses, CAFH will notify the authorities and apprise them of the situation. CAFH will monitor the developments of the crisis until a satisfactory solution has been reached.

Derelict Parents

This program helps the parent who has legal custody, and whose spouse, or ex-spouse is not keeping up with their parental obligations. CAFH will evaluate each case, and if the need is apparent, will pursue the derelict parent through all legal means possible to ensure that the legal obligations to the child are fulfilled.


Children who have been through a family crisis, physical or emotional abuse need counseling. Other members of the family may also have need of such services. CAFH maintains a staff of professional counselors who are on 24-hour standby to provide such counseling.

Safety and Awareness

The project is geared toward stopping problems before they start through the use of videos. Segments include Dorr Key Children, Proper Installation of a Cara Seat, Safety in the Home, and Anti-Drug Abuse. Other topics highlight recreation, biking, fishing, boating, hiking, and rollerblade/skateboarding. This program is ongoing with new subjects periodically added. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Scholarship Funds

Everyone is aware of the spiraling costs of college education. When coupled with the meager availability of scholarships, grants, and loans, many young people are missing the important opportunity.

CAFH has set aside funds to be used for high school graduates who have outstanding marks, but need financial aid. Adhering to our policy of not giving handouts but lending a helping hand, we have established a student work program with our local County Administrator. The money they earn, less 10% for themselves, will go into the fund and remain there until the student needs it for schooling. 

Fund Raising Committee

Of all the committees, programs and projects, this is the most important. One would think that in the most prosperous nation on this planet, there should not be any reason for organizations such as ours to exist. We at CAFH are sad to say that this is not the case. In this land of plenty, young and old are doing without.

CAFH increases its versatility by accepting anything we can use. Donations of any kind are accepted, and whatever you have to give that we can barter, sell or trade will be used in giving a helping hand. But this is simply not enough.

We need money. Much more than we have with needs increasing every day. This what makes fund raising so important. Without the funds, we are limited in our ability to provide services.

CAFH makes this promise: What you give, we will not waste.

Advisory Committee

The members who sit on this committee have backgrounds in education, law, medicine, counseling, administration and business. Besides being successful in their profession, they have a compassionate desire to help those who are less fortunate.

Children of America Finding Hope

Thanks to all the donors who support our work! 

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