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(CAFH) is a non-profit organization throughout southwest Virginia. CAFH’s mission is to bring the relief that so many children in this area desperately need. CAFH has been in existence since 1998 and has helped hundreds of children in the region. Unfortunately, there are still thousands that can use your help. Please take a few moments to explore our site, and any help or hope you can provide will be greatly appreciated by the children we serve.

Our Mission

“To use proven strategies and programs to meet the emotional and physical needs of disadvantaged children, runaways, children in crisis and juvenile delinquents, by providing help in a tangible form regardless of religion, race, sec, or socioeconomic status.”

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CAFH is designed to be an advocate for children with emotional and physical needs across our region and beyond. Qualified counselors and staff are on duty to ensure the success of our mission.

Because of the many needs that are prevalent in this economically depressed area, CAFH has positioned itself to coordinate our efforts with Federal, State, and charitable organizations. This allows us to better direct our clients to the help they need, it also eliminates redundancy of effort, and depletion of much needed funds. It is the policy of CAFH to give a helping hand, not to give handouts.

We hope you will agree to become involved with CAFH. All contributions are tax deductible and our financial reports are on file and open to review. If more information is needed, please click on the CONTACT CAFH button below or contact our office.

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James M. O’Quinn


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Your donations help us provide relief for children in emotional and physical distress through abuse, neglect and other sorts of trauma. Our job is to protect them from facing those events.

Use your tax refund to help save a child's life and provide hope for their future!


Children of America Finding Hope

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